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Wildflowers Chiropractic

A Natural Approach to Healing

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Experience Our Three-Tiered Approach

An individualized approach, with you in mind.

Chiropractic Adjustments

The base of our work is the chiropractic adjustment.  Chiropractic adjustments are intended to address the root causes of your neuromusculoskeletal conditions and concerns on a foundational level.  That foundation can then be reinforced using additional techniques in-office and instructional trainings for use at home.

Soft-Tissue Techniques

Direct, one-on-one soft-tissue techniques are used by the doctor to support adjustments, relieve pain and tension, increase functioning, and help to facilitate an overall relaxed and well state of being.  These techniques are also used to help correct muscular imbalances and re-train the body to support its own healing more effectively over time.

Instruction and Education

We consider your individual lifestyle needs to craft routines or programs to deepen your experience at Wildflowers Chiropractic.  Stretching and strengthening routines, abdominal breathing techniques, postural trainings, and more are available, all intended to help you to achieve your goals.

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"Like a wildflower, she spent her days allowing herself to grow.  Not many people knew of her struggle, but eventually, all knew of her light."

N. Rowe

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Are you looking for a more holistic approach to your health or simply want to feel restored and rebalanced? Get in touch to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Sabrina J. Marcus, DC
15110 Boones Ferry Rd #380
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

( 5 0 3 ) 4 9 0 - 7 9 3 9

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